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Stucchi is one of the most respected hydraulic coupling manufacturers in the world.


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Our full range of tools are featured in our tool catalog. In the price list you will find the prices of all the products we sell.

Established in Italy in 1960, Stucchi makes hydraulic couplings used in the aeronautical industry, manufacturing industry, agriculture as well as transportation. Stucchi’s hydraulic couplings are also used for the initial installation of numerous internationally renowned products.

Stucchi’s product catalogue includes basic hydraulic couplings, flat-face couplings, threaded couplings for hydraulic hammers as well as mobile hydraulic multi-coupling plates, i.e. quick multi-couplings.

Stucchi’s products are made to the highest quality standards, but all of Stucchi’s hydraulic couplings are still reasonably priced. Stucchi’s customer service is famous for its active approach that puts the customer’s needs first.

Hydraulic couplings are all about quality, durability and versatile properties, all of which are found in abundance in Stucchi’s couplings.

The non-drip flat-face couplings prevent impurities from getting in the hydraulic system and fluids from leaking out. The coupling plates on the other hand make it possible to connect accessories that require multiple hoses.

Thanks to the robust hydraulic quick couplings, you can rely on the durability of your equipment, avoid unnecessary work interruptions and reach a high level of occupational safety. That’s why Stucchi is the first choice of countless professionals.

For more information about Stucchi’s professional hydraulic couplings, please contact us at +358 10 778 1400 or