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The Swedish company Momento manufactures impact sockets and accessories that are unique in terms of their durability and environmental friendliness.


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The Swedish company Momento is the only company in the world that has focused only on the manufacture of impact sockets and accessories intended for professional use. The products are sustainable, ecological and meet the special needs of customers, and they are used in many different sectors of the manufacturing industry and heavy industry.

A unique manufacturing method developed on the basis of more than 70 years of experience and years of research and testing, as well as the utilization of the latest technology, e.g. in strength calculations and endurance tests give power sockets exceptional durability compared to other similar products.

Eco-friendly impact sockets

Silverline™ developed by Momento is the world’s first impact socket coating that does not contain any heavy metals. The environmentally friendly manufacturing method also helps the customers, who use the products, to reach their environmental goals.

All Momento products have ISO 691, 1174-2, 1711-2, 2725-2 and 2725-3 standards. The company also has an ISO 9001 quality certificate, and the company follows an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system.

Momento guarantees that there are no better impact sockets on the market in terms of durability, features or service life.