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POLO Connectors

POLO Connectors

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POLO quick connectors represent an innovative solution for the industrial testing of circuits and components working at low and high pressure with fluid or gas.

POLO S.r.l. has achieved a great professional experience in advanced technologies, in particular in the field of industrial automation and development of special products for the industry.

POLO is specialized in activities concerning the planning of special products, machines, industrial systems and devices.

In the last few years POLO focused their attention to QUICK CONNECTORS and QUICK COUPLINGS which represent an innovative solution in the field of tests and in particular in the industrial tests.

POLO quick connectors are ideal for functional testing of circuits and components that end with an internal or external thread, profile, shape, collar, flange or smooth pipe and requiring maximum reliability, security and convenience for the operator, reducing substantially test time.

All manufacturers and suppliers of circuits or components that operate with pressure and want to check and guarantee the tightness of their products should use POLO quick connectors.

The use of patented POLO quick connectors ensures a considerable reduction of connection and disconnection time and a significant decrease of fatigue.

POLO quick connectors are designed manufactured and tested 100% by POLO and they are certified by accredited laboratories at international level.
Customized products and non-standard measures are realized on specific customer’s request.