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Our full range of tools are featured in our tool catalog. In the price list you will find the prices of all the products we sell.

Knocks FRL-units are manufactured in Germany based on the industrial standards.
Futura-series filters are equipped with either 5 micron (pre-filter) or 0,01 micron elements so that the air can be cleaned from harmful particles. In standard, the filter drains are manual, but there are also automatic drains available. The maximum operating pressure for the polycarbonate bowl is 12 bar. Also metal bowls are available.
Standard operating range for Futura-series regulators is 0,5 – 8 bar but there are springs available for several other pressure areas. Regulators are always equipped with a pressure gauge.
Futura lubricators add fine oil mist in to the air. The amount is adjustable from a setting screw on top of the unit. In most models filling the oil is possible even with the pressure on the system.
Connecting different units is easy with coupling kits which are also available with wall brackets.