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Thermal Control Quick Couplings

Thermal Control couplings are essential in many sectors

When there is increased need for cooling electronic equipment and components, you need high quality, versatile and safe hydraulic liquid cooling quick couplings. Pneumacon’s product range includes top-quality liquid cooling quick couplings from the Swedish company CEJN, which are used, e.g. at data centres, electric car recharging points and a variety of other applications.

Jäähdytyspikaliittimet, jotka ovat kehitetty vastaamaan asiakkaiden moninaisiin tarpeisiin laitteiston jäähdyttämisessä

The liquid cooling quick couplings were developed to meet a wide range of customers’ equipment cooling needs.

Water and electronics are a functional and very popular combination used for cooling components, and CEJN’s liquid cooling quick couplings fulfil that need. Water can convey up to ten times more heat than air, when heat is transferred from electronic systems.

CEJN’s liquid cooling quick couplings were developed to meet a wide range of customers’ equipment cooling needs, and the product range includes both standard and specially made bodies and nipples. CEJN has solutions for maximal connection speed as well as optimal flow rates.

CEJN’s couplings are also perfectly suited for lines transferring fluids other than water, such as glycol water or heat-transfer oil.

Why CEJN’s thermal control coupling is an unbeatable choice

1. CEJN’s thermal control quick couplings were specifically designed for cooling

As the name says, the liquid cooling quick couplings were made for cooling. They are not new versions of normal hydraulic quick couplings or any other previous coupling type.

2. The material used for CEJN’s thermal control couplings is extremely durable

CEJN’s liquid cooling quick couplings are made of hard-anodised aluminium, which can take years of hard-core use even in the toughest of conditions.

3. Pressure loss in the thermal control quick couplings is close to zero

Thanks to the minimal pressure loss, it takes less energy to circulate fluid in the system. The entire cooling system remains cooler thanks to the minimal pressure loss.

4. Thermal control quick couplings are non-drip

CEJN’s liquid cooling quick couplings are so-called non-drip couplings, i.e. the coupling does not leak fluid during connection or use. Electronic components are extremely sensitive to getting wet and because fluid can cause, for example, a short circuit, non-drip is a basic requirement for many applications.

5. The colour coding of the couplings is a small thing but an important one

Mixing different hydraulic fluids in the same system is a small mistake that can have expensive ramifications. CEJN’s hydraulic liquid cooling quick couplings are colour-coded to avoid confusion.

UltraFLOW quick couplings

CEJN’s ultraFLOW series includes light, non-drip, flat-face couplings with an excellent flow rate and minimal pressure loss at low pressures.

The couplings have a long service life and low operating costs. The couplings of this series are always leak-tested to ensure their reliability in liquid cooling applications. They are suitable for all fluid lines, whether for glycol water, non-conducting liquid or either synthetic or mineral-based heat-transfer oil.

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Non-Drip quick couplings

The Non-Drip series includes quick-release hydraulic quick couplings equipped with a flat-face valve. Thanks to the non-drip release, the coupling is suitable for servers, electric equipment and other cooling equipment.

The Non-Drip couplings are suitable for low-pressure liquid applications, such as cooling electronic equipment, machinery or casting moulds. The dry-break feature of the couplings is tested in operational and leak tests during the production process to ensure the reliability of the coupling in liquid cooling use. The inexpensive Non-Drip coupling comes both in nickel-plated brass and corrosion-resistant AISI 316 steel.

You can connect the Non-Drip couplings one-handed. The couplings are available with colour-coding and coding that prevents cross-connection. The series is a good choice for connecting fluid lines – regardless of whether the medium is cold or hot water, glycol water or mineral-based or synthetic heat-transfer oil.

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Full-Flow quick couplings

Liquid cooling quick couplings are used, for example, to cool data centres.

If you are looking for a high-flow product that is quick to install, with a ready-to-use connection, look no further. CEJN’s valveless Full-Flow series is the perfect solution.

The Full-Flow quick couplings are easy to install and, because there is no valve, they boast an exceptional flow rate. The couplings are designed for low-pressure cooling applications, such as renewable energy solutions and power electronics. They are also used in pneumatic lines.

The robust and corrosion-resistant range is available in two materials, nickel-plated brass or AISI 316 stainless steel, with a wide range of sealing options, e.g. EPDM, NBR and FPM. These valveless couplings equipped with a safety lock feature are available with colour-coded rings that make it easy to detect fluid lines and pressure lines for improved safety and longer cooling times.

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Blind-Mate quick couplings

CEJN’s panel versions of the Blind-Mate quick couplings are compact, light and non-spill during their entire service life. They are perfect for super computer racks and data centres using DLC (Direct Liquid Cooling) technology. Resistant to vibration and corrosion, the couplings can be connected and disconnected at full work pressure, if necessary.

At the core of an electronic system, a single drop of water alone can cause damage, which means that the panel versions of the non-drip Blind-Mate quick couplings are a safe choice.

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