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Torque Wrenches

Pneumacon is the importer of torque wrenches, which are particularly suitable for industrial assemblies and the maintenance of heavy equipment, made by the Canadian company RAD Torque Systems.

RAD’s Pneumatic Torque Wrench Is Suitable for Demanding Applications

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RAD torque wrenches are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

RAD’s range of torque wrenches places a high emphasis on the utilisation of cutting-edge technologies, high quality and performance.

RAD’s pneumatic torque wrenches provide a quick and reliable way to tighten and untighten bolt joints for a wide range of different industrial applications requiring a high level of accuracy and power as well as occupational safety and comfort.

Thanks to their comprehensive torque range, pneumatic torque wrenches can be used in a variety of applications.

RAD’s patented planetary gear reduction drive system delivers one of the best power/weight ratios on the market and up to 88 times less vibration than traditional impact wrenches.

The operation of the torque wrenches is based on a gear reduction drive and a reaction arm that completely removes the torque effect applicable to the operator. The torque wrenches are available in a wide range of torque from 35 Nm to 15 000 Nm. All of the wrenches are bi-directional, and their common denominators include accurate torque, speed and user safety.

RAD’s torque wrenches always come as complete sets, including a carrying rack or case for safe storage and transport.

A Battery-Operated Torque Wrench Works Anywhere

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RAD battery-operated wrenches have a huge range of features.

RAD’s battery-operated torque wrench is the perfect choice when compressed air or electricity are not readily available or if you do not want to use them, for example, in assembly or maintenance work.

The B-RAD SELECT BL battery-operated torque wrench series boasts unparalleled features. The series’ torque wrenches are all about easy and clear control, with durable gears, long-lasting battery and a motor that is powerful yet quiet. The models are available up to 7,000 Nm.

The MB-RAD series digital wrenches include programmable preset torque settings with 1 Nm steps. The torque wrenches of this series include an extensive list of features, such as low voltage warning, multi-tier password protection, a bolt counter, data collection and a torque + angle function.

An Electric Torque Wrench Is an Accurate Tool

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RAD digital torque wrenches make working quick, safe, and accurate.

RAD’s electric torque wrenches use 230 V or 120 V, which makes it possible to use them in a variety of locations. In addition, the electric torque wrenches are very quiet, with a maximum noise level of 80 dB.

With the MV-RAD series digital torque wrenches, you can tighten bolts quickly, reliably, and accurately. You can set the torque and other parameters individually according to the work requirements, and the wrench will tighten bolts automatically to the exact specified torque.

The electric E-RAD BLU and E-RAD BLU-S torque wrenches utilise a servomotor technology, which speeds up the bolting by up to 300% compared to standard hydraulic wrenches. You can control several wrenches with the same control unit, and the advanced data collection and tool management features provide many new options. In addition to these features, the E-RAD BLU-S series torques include a sensor that measures the actual torque for zero joint sensitivity

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