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Pneumatic Motors

We sell high-quality pneumatic motors from the German company Deprag as well as the US company Gast. Typical applications of pneumatic motors include, e.g. mixers and driving motors.

Deprag Pneumatic Motors Offer Many Different Options

Deprag’s pneumatic motors come in many different size categories and surface materials. The applications of the pneumatic line motors include conveyors and paint mixers. Suitable applications of the POWER LINE motors include, e.g. hydraulic pump motors, traversing motors, coilers and paper machine cutters.

The acid-proof flange motors are particularly suitable for demanding applications. The motors are also supplied as bespoke versions tailored to the customer’s needs.

Gast’s Robust Pneumatic Motors for Industrial Requirements

Gast pneumatic motors offer simple part geometry and a secure energy supply, which ensure extremely reliability and low maintenance costs. In most cases, the pneumatic motors are made of cast iron, with a maximum speed of 3,000–10,000 rpm, depending on the size, and a maximum pressure of 7 bar.

The majority of pneumatic motors are designed to be used with mist lubrication, but lubrication-free motors are also available. The pneumatic motor range includes both standard and gear motors.

The motors also come equipped with an IEC or NEMA flange, which makes it easy to connect them to different gearboxes. The motors are always supplied with a silencer.

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