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High-pressure Hydraulics

Extreme Pressures Require Extreme Safety

The CEJN high-pressure hydraulic couplings included in our product range represent the next generation. That is the concept the manufacturer, known for high quality and safety, uses to describe its couplings. Based on extensive experience and product development, the couplings are designed to meet the increasingly strict requirements of different industries.

Ease of use, durability and safety are the cornerstones of the design of CEJN’s high-pressure hydraulic quick couplings.

The need for smaller and lighter tools is constantly increasing. At the same time, the pressure required by tools has increased because tools are expected to produce more power. Extreme pressures require an extremely high level of safety because a leak or a hose that has become loose may cause serious damage to both persons and equipment.

You can improve safety by using reliable high-pressure equipment only, steering clear of cheap imitations and copies. All of the CEJN products imported by Pneumacon are original and carefully product tested equipment and accessories.

Six properties of high-pressure hydraulic couplings

CEJN’s next-gen high-pressure hydraulic couplings include six properties that fundamentally improve reliability, safety and the ease of use.

1. Conical CMS seal

The conical CMS seal works safely and reliably even at extremely high pressures. It enables sealing on a small diameter and reduces the strain on the parts, significantly reducing the risk of damage to the parts of the coupling. The conical CMS seal enables reassembly without damaging the surface of the seal.

2. Quality assured locking balls

At the core of each coupling, there is a set of small steel balls, carrying a load of roughly 300 kg each. The reliability of the locking balls is based on extensive QA and the expertise of the CEJN laboratory with regard to exact hardening processes and durability calculations.

3. Alert ring for safe connection

CEJN’s high-pressure couplings include an alert ring, which indicates that the connection is safe. If the red ring is visible, the coupling is not fully connected and the nipple may shoot out of the coupling when the system is pressurised.

4. High-pressure quick coupling safety lock

A quick and smooth locking ring ensures a safe connection. Screw locks can be time-consuming, which is why they may be left unlocked by users. In the next-generation couplings, unintentional disconnection is prevented by a twistable lock: just a quick twist and the coupling is secured.

5. The blue colour of CEJN is a mark of safety

CEJN’s distinctive blue colour is a guarantee of high quality. CEJN’s high-pressure hydraulic coupling series 115, 116, 117 and 125 are identifiable by their distinctive blue colour to separate them from other brands, which do not necessarily represent the same high quality.

6. Improved dust caps

Dirt is a safety risk. Contamination of the hydraulic system may lead to damage and the costly downtime of equipment. Dirt may also prevent the safe connection of the quick coupling. Correctly used, CEJN’s user-friendly next-generation dust caps protect couplings and nipples from dirt. The thin caps wrap around the coupling and the nipple, preventing contamination.

High-pressure hydraulic hose reels

In addition to high-pressure hydraulic quick couplings, CEJN’s product range also includes hydraulic hose reels that can take extreme pressures. The reels are configurable, enabling the customer to choose between several different hose types and easily install them to the hose reel, which includes a built-in stainless steel joint.

CEJN Identification System (CIS)

CEJN Identification System is a tracking solution, in which each hose assembly is chipped. Each hose includes an individual marking and traceability based on the near field communication technology. It enables you to check the technical details of the high-pressure hydraulic hose assembly as well as its updated history log: the first and last time the hose assembly was pressure tested and when it is time to decommission it.

The marine industry trusts CEJN because the company:

Pneumacon and CEJN are trusted suppliers of high-pressure hydraulics for the marine industry.


In the marine industry, extreme pressures meet extremely demanding applications. When a bolt stretches in a ship’s engine, safety must come first, and when service tools are used onboard the vessel, the staff must be able to trust the equipment. It enables them to work safety and efficiently.

The marine industry trusts CEJN because the company:

  • Boasts leading know-how of high-pressure hydraulic equipment for safe and efficient service operations
  • Has an International Marine Purchasing Equipment certificate and because its products are listed on the International Marine Purchasing Association Marine Stores Guide
  • Has over 50 years of experience from the marine industry
  • Provides worldwide service support with 17 sales companies located near major ports
  • Delivers original parts to major shipyards in Japan, Korea and China

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