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We import German Schmidt presses of top-of-the-line quality and safety. A press is an excellent choice for different industrial needs, including assembly, cutting, attachment and straightening.

Pneumatic Press as a Standalone Unit or as Part of an Automatic Production Line

Highly adaptable, pneumatic presses can be used as standalone devices at workstations, or they can be integrated into automatic production lines. Depending on the model, the maximum power is 1.6–43 kN for a direct-acting pneumatic press and 15–60 kN for a toggle press.

The presses come as standalone units or integrated parts of an automatic production line. The presses are also available as standalone fully operational workstations.

Servo Presses

Boasting a wide range of programming options, servo presses are suitable for the most challenging of assemblies. Thanks to real-time process control, servo presses are able to adapt the pressing action within the set tolerances. Depending on the model, servo presses have an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm and a press force from 15 N to 0.8–250 kN.

Electric Presses

Electric presses are a new and inexpensive option for industrial crimp connections. In addition to being highly efficient, they are extremely quiet (60 dB) as well as quick and easy to deploy. Electric presses have a maximum force of 10 kN.

Hydro-pneumatic Presses

Hydro-pneumatic presses are particularly well-suited to applications where a lot of force is required at the end of the stroke. The approaching movement of the ram is performed pneumatically, with the hydraulic unit automatically engaging at the end of the stroke. The maximum force is 15–220 kN, depending on the model.

Manual Presses

Manual presses are fully maintenance-free basic presses designed for assembly work. They generate a steady force during the entire stroke. The maximum force is 1.6–2.5 kN, depending on the model.

Toggle presses, on the other hand, generate the highest force at the end of the stroke. For toggle presses, the maximum force is 2.5–22 kN, depending on the model.

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