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Pneumatic Tools

Our wide range of pneumatic equipment includes hard-wearing, high-quality, pneumatic tools for professional and industrial use – even for challenging working conditions.

Quality Pneumatic Tools for Industrial and Professional Use

Deprag is the manufacturer of high-quality pneumatic angle grinders.

Deprag’s pneumatic tool line includes a wide range of different tools from hand-held drills to angle drills, tappers and grinders.

Deprag’s pneumatic grinders offer an excellent power-to-weight ratio. Thanks to their size and shape, they are well-suited to performing difficult tasks in tight spaces. A comprehensive selection of angle grinders, turbine grinders and belt sanders offers a multitude of options for different applications.

Pneumatic drills are reliable tools for the different drilling needs of the aviation industry, car industry, machine industry, etc. Hand-held drills offer many different options with regard to models, speed, power and size. Usability and ergonomics have also been taken into account to a high degree in all of the pneumatic drill models.

Pneumatic tappers are suitable for tapping threads into metal as well as cleaning threads. Deprag’s pneumatic tappers are durable and long-lasting tools, for example, for the demanding requirements of the car and machine industries.

Our Range of Pneumatic Tools Also Includes These Quality Brands

Deprag’s pneumatic tappers come in pistol grip and inline models.

  • RAD Torque Systems – hard-wear pneumatic torque wrenches for demanding use
  • SCRAP’AIR – high-quality, vibration-reduced, pneumatic scalers
  • Allegro – pneumatic Venturi blowers for industrial use, plants and facilities.

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