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July opening hours


Dear Customer, Pneumacon shorterns working days for July. We will be available every Monday to Friday from 9 to 15. You can contact us by phone +358 10 778 1400 or email We wish you a pleasant summer!

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Price Increase


We are being forced to review our pricing on certain product groups due to our suppliers’ price adjustments as of January 1st 2022. Due to the increase in demand and the consequent sudden decline in the availability of raw materials for products the manufacturing costs have risen, in part significantly. The increase in costs results […]

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Screw It – 5 Good Reasons to Go Automatic


Whatever the industry, whether electronics or medical technology, screwdriving is usually a simple work stage that can be easily automated. Read five key production benefits introduced by automatic screwdriving.

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The Latest in Screwdriving Automation


Towards the end of the year, Deprag launched a bunch of new products to further facilitate the screwdriving process. Read a summary of the key products and their various benefits on your operations.

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CEJN eSafe Quick Coupling Blows Competitors Away


Even though the pneumatic coupling is only a small fragment of the entire compressed air system, it plays a crucial role in terms of overall performance. CEJN eSafe is a pneumatic quick coupling whose cutting-edge properties were designed to increase the efficiency and safety of pressurised air operations.

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RAD Torque Wrenches for Efficient and Safe Working


Different jobs place different demands on the properties of torque wrenches. Sometimes it’s all about precision; at other times, torque or programmability might be key. RAD’s product range includes a suitable wrench for all occasions.

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Screwdriving Technology Improving Work Ergonomics


Reducing the physical strain of work has a positive effect on employees’ well-being as well as production quality and output. Screwdriving technology and the related equipment help to improve work ergonomics in many ways.

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