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Our product line includes quality Thomas, Gast and JUN-AIR compressors.

High-quality Thomas Compressors for Industrial and Other Needs

Thomas is a brand of the American company Gardner Denver that produces oil-free vacuum pumps and pneumatic compressors from almost mini sizes up to large units.

Pneumatic compressors are used for producing compressed air, and a suitable model is selected based on the application. The Thomas product line mainly consists of rotary vane pumps and diaphragm pumps as well as articulated piston compressors and piston compressors. Nearly all of the models can be used either with vacuum or pressure. The compressors in our product range are mainly designed for small local applications, such as vehicles.

The most common compressor models come with different voltage motors, most commonly 12 and 24 VDC as well as 230 V/AC. Due to the closed structure of the motor, some of the Thomas pneumatic compressors are only designed for periodic use.

All of the pneumatic compressors in the Thomas range are designed to work without oil lubrication. Consequently, the air produced by the compressors contains no more impurities than the surrounding air. Compressed air produced by an oil-free compressor is also suitable for applications where the quality of the compressed air is important, for example, in laboratories or in dental care. Other benefits of an oil-free compressor include eco-friendliness and lower costs.

Thomas’s oil-free piston compressors are also well-suited to producing pressure in vehicle use. Most of the models are available with either a 12 V or a 24 V DC motor. They are ideally suitable, e.g. for the control device of a seat, a suspension system or different types of ancillary devices.

JUN-AIR Compressors for Professional Use

kompressoriThe JUN-AIR compressors are designed for applications where a low noise level, reliability and low maintenance costs are a necessity. The compressors come in two versions: oil-free and lubricated. The oil-free models are particularly well-suited for the food industry, dental equipment, etc.

There is also a special silenced version equipped with an enclosure and, if necessary, a drier. The compressors are available with or without a tank.

JUN-AIR compressors are used with Gast pumps, which are also separately available.

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