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Pneumatic Products

In addition to quick couplings, CEJN’s comprehensive pneumatic product range includes a variety of different solutions for industrial needs. CEJN’s blow guns, compressed air hoses, cable reels and other equipment are designed for hard-core professional use. Working with light but durable pneumatic products is fast and safe.

CEJN’s Pneumatic Products are Extremely Reliable

CEJN’s pneumatic products are an excellent choice for the demanding requirements of different industries. As a result of decades of development work, CEJN has managed to combine high quality, cost-effectiveness and safety in its pneumatic products.

In terms of cost savings, the critical features of pneumatic systems include non-leakage, good flow rates and minimal pressure loss. Using CEJN’s high-quality pneumatic products ensures the optimal operation of the pneumatic system and enables efficient utilisation of resources.

Compressed Air Hoses and Safety Reels

CEJN’s range of compressed air hoses includes a comprehensive set of different types of polyurethane or PUR hoses. PUR hoses have excellent flow rates, and PUR as a material is extremely durable. Flexible and elastic, the hoses retain their characteristics for a long time. In addition, there are installed hose/coupling combos available delivered ready for use.

Enclosed safety reels make the handling of compressed air hoses easier. CEJN’s easy-to-handle hose reels enable tools to be used at maximum power while maintaining a safe working environment, thanks to the robust case, controlled rewind function and soft stop-ball of the hose. The hoses are easy to install to a ceiling or a wall, and changing hoses is a cinch. The product range also includes open reels for longer and larger hoses.

Blow Guns and Additional Equipment for Pneumatic Products

CEJN’s blow guns provide an effective way to clean surfaces. Structurally light and easy to handle, the blow guns are suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. The handle provides a good grip, with the plastic isolating the user from the effect of the cold compressed air. The series includes several different models: the powerful basic model, the silenced Star-Tip model as well as a model equipped with a safety valve. The accessories available for blow guns include rubber nozzles, protective hoods as well as different kinds of blowpipes.

CEJN’s pneumatic product line also includes other accessories, such as hose barbs and adapters, which enable different types of hose connections, as well as pressure gauges and Soft-Line covers. The Soft-Line covers are designed to soften the edges of quick connect couplings, stopping them from damaging surrounding surfaces.

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