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Flat-face Screw Couplings

Stucchi’s flat-face screw couplings are designed for heavy duty use.

Flat-face Screw Couplings

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Stucchi’s range of flat-face couplings includes the VP, VEP and VEP-HD series, designed to endure a high volume of pulsating pressure shocks. Therefore, they are perfect, e.g. for hydraulic hammers.

Modern flat-face hydraulic quick couplings are 100% non-drip, which is why they are also recommended for property maintenance equipment and other vehicles. Hydraulic oil leaking out of a coupling is toxic waste that causes many aesthetic issues and safety hazards.

Thanks to the flat-face structure, hydraulic couplings are easy to keep clean and, because of the valve structure, they can also be connected when pressurised. One excellent feature of the flat-face quick couplings is the ability to release pressure during connection.

The VP and VEP series hydraulic couplings are particularly suitable for cranes, drills and hydraulic hammers as well as applications where attachments have to be connected when pressurised.

The VEP-HD series includes all of the features of the VEP series, and the couplings are designed for even tougher conditions.

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