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Stationary Applications

for the secure processing of your fasteners
  • Streamlining your Assembly
  • Optimizing the assembly process
  • Increase your output
  • Simple integration and start-up procedure

The necessary feed-system is essential for productivity and availability for automatic assembly machines. Originally developed for shaft-heavy screws, today’s DEPRAG feeding systems are capable to process screws of all the type with and without washers, threaded bolts, pins, rivets, nuts, washers, O-rings and  other small components of diverse formats.

For stationary applications using screws or screw-similar fasteners, we offer our Screwfeed system with integrated cycle control (our EP-execution). This design is always used if you wish to use an extensively tested and proven system and where you do not want to use your own PLC or where your PLC has insufficient capacity.

With a freely programmable feed-system, which is available according to your pneumatic and electric requirements, a multitude of part geometries can be processed.

The integration of your host PLC into any of the DEPRAG stationary Screwfeeders is exceptionally simple and easy. DEPRAG feed systems excel through large output capability they increase your assembly cycle while guaranteeing a continued high quality.

Our standard stationary feeders are offered as vibratory- and segment designs.  Those systems can be expanded by the use of a linear-conveyor, bulk-storage devices, tape-on-reel feeder or a screw-presenter.

The sophisticated construction of all feeders, the use high-alloyed and heat-treated steels for all critical components and the the required quality of the components to be transported, are the foundation for the high quality of our equipment. Many constructive details, such as the quick-release feature of the separator or the tiltable- and removable housing, simplify the handling during start-up or maintenance.


 Feeding systems for stationary use PDF

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