Feeding Technology

30-years of experience in feeding technology guarantees the presentation of your screws, nuts, rivets, pins, washers, o-rings and other symmetrical and asymmetrical components, and assuring the highest reliability of our feeding systems.

DEPRAG offers a well-engineered and proven line of standard and customized solutions:

  • for the manual and stationary use
  • for standardized sizes of fasteners from M1 to M16
  • single, double or multiple feeding
  • vibratory, sword (segment) or Tape-on-Reel systems
  • transport through a feedhose or by Pick-and-Place procedure

For the processing of screws we offer, in connection with DEPRAG screwdrivers a multitude of system solutions all made by DEPRAG. We can offer feeding systems that are extensively tested and perfectly coordinated with each other.