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RAD Torque Wrenches for Efficient and Safe Working

Different jobs place different demands on the properties of torque wrenches. Sometimes it’s all about precision; at other times, torque or programmability might be key. RAD’s product range includes a suitable wrench for all occasions.

Usability, Not Just Torsion

The Canadian brand RAD is well-known on every continent – especially in industries requiring powerful cutting-edge tools. RAD makes both battery-operated, pneumatic and electric torque wrenches to cover all the bases.

The motto on RAD’s website – “Stronger, Lighter, Faster” – perfectly encapsulates the entire range of torque wrenches. RAD’s long and consistent development work is bearing fruit, and RAD is able to pack its wrenches with a comprehensive set of features that make working a breeze.

The common denominator of RAD’s torque wrenches is user-friendliness, which is evident, e.g. in the tools’ ease of use, easy adjustment options as well as features that improve occupational safety and ensure a successful end result. For example, the battery and electrical wrenches automatically back off when the preferred torque is reached.

Torque Wrench Efficiency Is the Sum of Many Parts

RAD torque wrenches bring supreme durability, efficiency, and safety.

RAD’s torque wrenches are designed for applications that ask a lot from tools. It means performance, durability and suitability for the task at hand.

A powerful motor and strong gears are the foundation of the reliable operation of RAD’s wrenches. Depending on the model, the power can be up to 15,000 Nm. The wrenches are powerful yet extremely compact, so their size or weight does not make working harder.

For example, RAD’s pneumatic torque wrenches can easily cope with the maintenance of heavy-duty equipment. Thanks to the easy torque setting, the torque is always perfect for the job.

Although battery-operated torque wrenches can suffer from short battery life, which reduces the speed of working, RAD’s wrenches have an incredible battery life – for example, tests have shown that the revamped B-RAD SELECT BL 1400 wrench can tighten 196 bolts with one charge. A long-lasting battery can have a surprisingly big effect on efficiency, with the tool working at full power for a longer time.

A High-quality Torque Wrench Is Safe to Use

The power of the wrench is not detrimental to safety – on the contrary! In a quality tool, all aspects have been taken into account to make working smoother. Occupational safety is a key element of all of RAD’s products. When it comes to safety, it is important to select the right tool for the job, and RAD’s selection provides a wide range of options.

With the right tool, power and safety go hand in hand.

Part of a safe working environment is minimising the strain caused by hazardous noise and work. All of RAD’s torque wrenches have an extremely low noise and vibration level, which makes them comfortable and safe to use.

The ease of use of the torque wrenches also contributes to occupational safety. RAD has invested heavily in the clarity and usability of its wrenches. A good example of this are the improvements made to the B-RAD SELECT battery wrench series: large menu buttons and the ability to adjust the screen brightness.

Preventing accidents is an important part of occupational safety. All of RAD’s battery-operated B-RAD SELECT torque wrenches come with the Double Safety Trigger Option. This optional safety feature consists of an extra button on the top of the tool, which must be pressed simultaneously with the trigger in order to start the tool. The feature significantly reduces the risk of accidentally starting the tool.

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