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Thermal Control Products

Thermal Control Products

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Our full range of tools are featured in our tool catalog. In the price list you will find the prices of all the products we sell.

Here at CEJN, high-flow capacity products are the key and our ambition is to develop high-quality, affordable solutions for our customers. For temperature control and thermal management, we offer a range of standard and specially-designed couplings and nipples.

At the heart of electronic systems, where just a drop or two might be sufficient to cause damage, CEJN offers a blind-mate coupling and nipple with a non-spill feature that guarantees high-flow and spill-free operation. CEJN’’s Non-Drip series is another solution. This is a flat-face valved quick disconnect coupling series with dry-break function for data servers, power electronics and other cooling applications. If you’re looking for products with unrestricted flow, quick installation and one-time connection, CEJN’s valveless Full-Flow range is the ultimate fit.