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Quick couplings for traffic applications and heavy vehicles

The way people transport goods and move from place to place is transforming as societies are making the shift from traditional fossil-powered vehicles to more environmentally friendly alternatives. Electronic vehicles are a key part of this transformation. However, reliable electronic vehicles also require highly efficient solutions for thermal control.

Jäähdytyspikaliittimet helpottavat jäähdytysjärjestelmän huoltotoimenpiteitä. Modulaarisuuden ansiosta järjestelmä voidaan huoltaa nopeasti, mikä on arvokas ominaisuus teollisuuden prosesseissa, joissa jokainen hetki on tärkeä.

Electric motors and batteries tend to heat up during use, so cooling is a key factor in enabling these solutions. Ensuring the optimal performance and safety of the vehicles and equipment requires careful thermal control.

Challenges in designing thermal control systems for electric motors and batteries

When in use, electric motors generate heat. This is also true for batteries used to store electrical energy, which heat up during charging and as they discharge. In order to prevent overheating and possible damage to the equipment, the generated heat must be counteracted by cooling.

As motors are becoming increasingly efficient, traditional air cooling no longer offers sufficient cooling power. Instead, liquid cooling systems that dissipate heat more efficiently and improve performance are required.

Jäähdytyspikaliittimet on kehitetty vastaamaan asiakkaiden moninaisiin tarpeisiin laitteiston jäähdyttämisessä.

The CEJN Series 587 ultraFLOW is especially suitable for the cooling systems in power electronics and transportation.

Thermal control plays a critical part especially in situations where electric motors or batteries are subjected to heavy use, for example when driving long distances or transporting heavy loads. The liquid circulating in the cooling system enables precise thermal control, enhancing performance and extending the device’s useful life.

Pikaliittimet - Kriittinen komponentti nesteen lämpötilan hallintaratkaisuissa

Quick Connect Couplings: A Critical Component in Liquid Thermal Management Systems

Quick connect couplings play an important role to achieve stable and efficient liquid-cooled server installations.

The benefits of efficient thermal control in transport applications

In environments where situations may change at a moment’s notice, the thermal control system must be flexible and adapt to the changing circumstances. Efficient thermal control systems can be quickly switched on and off as needed. This allows users to effectively cool down their electric motors when increasing speed, and turn down the cooling when traveling at a steady speed on a flat road, for example. This requires intelligent cooling solutions that can adapt to vehicle demands in real time.

Electric modes of transport offer a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil-fueled vehicles, but in order to function, they require an efficient thermal control solution. Liquid cooling is key to this transformation.

Modular thermal control solutions improve working machinery performance

Fluid cooling and quick-connect thermal control couplings make it possible to construct cooling systems in a modular way. This, in turn, offers new possibilities to use machines and devices more efficiently. CEJN’s cooling solutions are especially well suited for autonomous working machinery that is in continuous use.


The ultraFLOW couplings are ideal for connecting all types of fluid lines

Modularity also ensures quicker and more cost-effective maintenance. CEJN’s products allow system batteries to be replaced quickly without touching the rest of the system. This flexibility not only ensures the optimal performance of the device or machine, but also minimizes downtime. It makes maintenance and improvements quicker and easier, producing significant long-term cost savings.

Pneumacon offers powerful cooling solutions for electric motors and batteries. CEJN’s high-quality products help to optimize the thermal control of the device, extending the useful life of the device and improving its performance. Fluid cooling removes heat efficiently and quickly, which is key for electric vehicles used to travel long distances or for demanding tasks. Thermal control couplings also meet the cooling demands of heavy vehicles and modern rail transport.

Looking for a optimal thermal control solution?

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