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Nordic Range Accessories

Included as accessories in the Nordic range are dust caps for both couplings and nipples and seal kits for couplings. The dust caps can be joined together when the coupling and nipple are connected. This keeps the dust caps clean, which prevents dust and debris from entering the system. The seal kits contain two O-rings and a backup ring for replacing the outer seals in the coupling.

More tools are featured in tool catalog.

Technical data:

Seal kits for couplingsPart No.Description
DN 6.310 525 4900NBR
DN 1010 525 4901NBR
DN 12.510 525 4902NBR
DN 2010 525 4903NBR
DN 2510 525 4904NBR
Dust capsPart No.Description
DN 6.310 525 1001For couplings
10 525 1051For nipples
DN 1010 525 1002For couplings
10 525 1052For nipples
DN 12.510 525 1003For couplings
10 525 1053For nipples
DN 2010 525 1004For couplings
10 525 1054For nipples
DN 2510 525 1005For couplings
10 525 1055For nipples