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The Latest in Screwdriving Automation

Towards the end of the year, Deprag launched a bunch of new products to further facilitate the screwdriving process. Below, is a summary of the key products.

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New DEPRAG AST12 Sequence Controller

Deprag’s new AST12 sequence controller, which combines the features of the previous AST5, AST6 and AST11 models, introduces a new level of efficiency to controlling programmable EC-screwdrivers and managing screwdriving software. Whereas, previously, you had to choose a controller from three different options according to the purpose of use and the connections, one model now covers all of these requirements. AST12 will be available in three different versions depending on the torque of the wrench. They will be published during 2021, starting from the smallest one.

Compared to AST5 and AST6, the benefits of the new model include the availability of all contemporary connections, either as standard or optional. The new model is also significantly more compact than AST11, yet still capable of achieving higher torque values up to 70 Nm. The new controller takes into account traditional connections and fieldbuses, and it also includes support for new connections (Industry 4.0).

New Screwdriving Management Software from Deprag

The DEPRAG Cockpit screwdriving management system standardises screwdriver management in a way Deprag has previously not had access to. Cockpit enables companies to collect data simultaneously from several screwdrivers – whether Deprag or other brands – and manage them as a unit. The system stores data, such as final screwdriving values and graphs. The system’s smart functions make it possible to anticipate maintenance, schedule screwdriver calibration at specific intervals and, for example, set alarms to detect quality anomalies in the big picture. This enables consistent quality and makes it possible to immediately tackle potential errors.

Deprag Operator Guidance is a software that enables you to create screwdriving instructions for your employees as well as collect and store data. The software makes it easy to provide instructions regarding the screwdriving sequence, while the system supervises the completion of all of the required work stages. Clear instructions improve work quality and output. What’s more, the software makes it easy to train new employees for their tasks.

To facilitate the deployment of screwdriving automation, Deprag has introduced new software called TIA Link ja TwinCAT Link.

E-SFM an Alternative for a Standard Screwdriving Unit

The fully electronically controlled E-SFM is a new addition to Deprag’s range of traditional pneumatic cylinder-operated screwdriving units, SFM’s. E-SFM includes integrated servo axles, enabling it to precisely control the movements of the screwdriver. You can control the speed and force of the movements at different stages, so that the speed can be slower at a specific point, and you can adjust the force according to each part of the movement.

The new screwdriving unit is designed to introduce cost savings through better control of the operation. The benefits of the adjustment options are also evident in quality, for example, making it possible to handle fragile products with less force. The control options are also improved in products with screws at different levels.

In addition, the optimal adjustments can reduce, amongst other things, the amount of dirt and dust coming off of screws.

New Step Feeders

In addition to its vibratory bowl feeders and sword feeders, Deprag has now added step feeders to its product range. The step feeder’s planar lifter lifts screws from the container to the feeding rail, which transports them to the feeder and onwards to the feed hose.

This brand new feeding method includes several new benefits, the first of which is cleanliness. Step feeders do not use vibration, so screws do not give off materials or dirt the way vibratory bowl feeders do. Compared to sword feeders, step feeders have a superior pace time, and they are also capable of handling countersunk screws.

PKS stand and PKP gantry

The DEPRAG PKS stand controls the position of the screwdriver, facilitating the screwdriving process. Resting on a dedicated base, the stand takes the strain off the operator and ensures that the correct number of screws have been fixed to the correct torque in the correct sequence.

The PKP gantry works the same way as the PKS, but the way it has been implemented is slightly different. The gantry comprises overhead rail-guides that support the wrench, making handling of the tool easier and reducing the required operator force.

Both models are freely programmable. They include screw position and torque parameters.


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