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Straight Air Grinders

Thanks to their robust structure, Deprag’s straight air grinders have a long service life even in hard-core use.

Straight Air Grinders

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Deprag offers a large selection of straight air grinders with different power and speed ranges. The tools have a low noise level, and they are designed for continuous, demanding work – even heavy duty work.

Thanks to their accuracy, straight air grinders are most suitable for grinding small areas, such as removing welding or brushing seams from steel or cast iron pieces. Straight air grinders can also be used with a steel brush, e.g. for removing rust or lime from rolled steel surfaces.

Thanks to the contemporary materials and production technology used in motor structures, the tools can reach a maximum power of 2.4 kW, with the speed remaining constant even if the tool is used at maximum power.

Despite their high power output, the straight air grinders are light and easy to handle. Thanks to the shape, weight distribution and light materials of the straight air grinders, they are extremely ergonomic. The low vibration level also improves the working comfort.

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