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Air Angle Grinders and Other Grinders

Deprag’s air angle grinders offer an unsurpassed level of user-friendliness.

Air Angle Grinders and Other Grinders

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Our full range of tools are featured in our tool catalog. In the price list you will find the prices of all the products we sell.

Deprag’s air angle grinders are available in many different models, with different speed and power ranges and equipped either with a vane motor or a turbine motor.

The tools are relatively small and light, with a low noise level and great ergonomic design. The vibration-dampening grip and the side grip provide a firm hold for controlled operation of the tool.

Turbo grinders equipped with a turbine motor have the highest power output of all of the air angle grinders. They can reach up to double power output and half the weight compared to a standard pneumatic grinder. In addition to a higher power output, another clear benefit of turbine grinders is that they operate oil-free.

Angle grinders are the right choice for effective material removal. Our product range also includes Deprag’s air belt grinders.

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