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Air Tools

Deprag’s air tools are suitable for challenging conditions and heavy-duty work.

Air Tools

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Our full range of tools are featured in our tool catalog. In the price list you will find the prices of all the products we sell.

Deprag is world famous for its quality air tools. The diverse product range includes different types of air tools for professional and industrial uses – from drills, grinders and tappers to shears and spade hammers.

The Quality of Deprag’s Air Tools Is Second to None

Each Deprag product has gone through painstaking product development and manufacturing processes to ensure high-quality properties suitable for professional applications. In addition to a flawless quality of work, Deprag’s air tools guarantee first-class working comfort. The technologically advanced yet robust air tools are made at Deprag’s factories in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Deprag’s Powerful Grinders Are Fit for Many Applications

Deprag’s pneumatic grinders combine a compact design with speed and power. The handy grinders pack enough punch to navigate complicated tasks in tight spaces. A comprehensive selection of angle grinders, turbine grinders and belt sanders offers a multitude of options for different applications.

Deprag’s straight air grinders designed for the effective removal of materials are extremely well-suited for continuous use. Equipped with a draw-in attachment, the straight air grinders have a power output of 90 W to 1,2 kW, depending on the product. The different length spindles make it possible to work materials in extremely tricky locations. Thanks to the low vibration and noise levels, the straight grinders are extremely easy to manipulate.

Drills and Tappers Are Available in Pistol Grip and Inline Models

Deprag’s pistol grip air drills offer an optimum power-to-weight ratio, with a powerful motor producing up to 1.85 kW. To make the tool easier to handle, the design is all about light weight and balance.

Deprag’s inline or pistol grip air drills are an excellent choice for hard-to-reach or tight spaces.

The easy-to-use and robust tappers come in pistol grip and inline models. In the pistol grip tappers, you can reverse direction with the trigger. In the inline models, you can reverse it with the push-pull mechanism.

Spade Hammers, Chipping Hammers and Needle Scalers Designed for Demanding Work

When you need to remove rust, paint or weld slag off of a surface, the needle scaler is the optimal tool for the job. The durable needle scalers are suitable for different surfaces, including uneven surfaces.

Pneumacon’s product range includes a comprehensive set of Deprag’s spade hammers and chipping hammers – from lighter hammers weighing 1 kg to heavier hammers weighing up to 30 kg designed for heavy-duty work. The spade and chipping hammers are suitable for a wide range of stapling, chipping, chiselling and cleaning applications.

Deprag’s Range of Air Tools Also Includes Products for Unusual Applications

Deprag’s pneumatic chain saws are an excellent choice for environments where normal chain saws would struggle, such as wet or explosive spaces or working underwater. Thanks to its shape, the jig saw is easy to use in tight spaces.

Of Deprag’s air tools, the file, wire and metal shears help to ensure a high quality of work.

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