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More efficiency in Nokia’s base station production through automatic screwdriving solutions

Nokia’s Rusko factory in Oulu manufactures base stations and has continued to do so despite the more inexpensive production costs in low-wage countries. An important factor in this has been their ability to utilize of automation and robotics, a great priority for Nokia. Nokia’s partner for automatic screwdriving solutions is Pneumacon.

Pneumacon provides quality equipment for automated lines

– Pneumacon has been our supplier for screwdriving solutions for a long time. For a couple of years, our companies have also cooperated for finding new solutions for the automation of screwdrivers, says Ville Rauman, the person responsible for the maintenance and development of the automated lines at the Rusko factory.

– For manual work, we now use smart screwdrivers. Our first fully automatic assembly line, which manufactures 4G and 5G base station products, also utilizes automatic screwdriving solutions, Rauman adds.

”Pneumacon supplied the necessary equipment for an automated line. In addition to our earlier good cooperation, we appreciate the good representation of Deprag products.”

– The features of Deprag products and, on the other hand, their low weight in robot handling, make them an entity that suits our needs well. Pneumacon’s equipment make the screwdriving, control and screw feeding processes quick on the line, Rauman says.

– Additionally, we’ve integrated the Deprag tape-on-reel feeder and Schmidt servo press to the line, also delivered by Pneumacon.

Automated fastening brings in efficiency and precision to the production process

The company’s goal in utilizing automation is manufacturing base station products faster. This would allow them to increase the production volumes while employing the same number of people.

– Similar products are still being put together manually, and we have calculated the times of value-creating labor for both processes. Thus, we can witness the savings created by automation directly. Roughly speaking, automation makes it approximately five times faster to assemble a product than a manual solution, Rauman says.

– We are obtaining great savings, as the assembly process contains many work phases. With automation, the product is finished and ready for packaging in one go, passing from the start of the line to the end. The process is straightforward, and the phases of work are short.
Increasing efficiency in production is not the only benefit Nokia received from automatic screwdriving. Quality is also very important.

– Automation improves the quality of work. We also utilize statistics, as the equipment enables using each product’s serial number to save data concerning different phases of work, such as the success of the fastening process for each individual screw, Rauman says.

– This is useful for showcasing quality to the end client. If there are possible complaints, we can use them to verify the product’s manufacturing process from the beginning.

Screwdriving technology rationalises the manufacturing processes

Screwdriving technology offers several different options for facilitating and speeding up the work as well as improving quality.

Pneumacon forms a direct link between Deprag and Nokia

Rauman describes cooperation with Pneumacon as flexible and reaction to their wishes to be fast.

– We are working with many device producers. Compared to them, Pneumacon is easy to work with. We like cooperating with a domestic partner that operates as an intermediary towards Deprag in Germany, Rauman says.

– Pneumacon has excellent contacts with Deprag, directly to their factory. Through it, we have been able to handle all machine and spare parts needs easily. Pneumacon’s operations are flexible, they react quickly to work requests and questions, and they get things done with short response times.
Rauman is also thankful for the lack of problems with Pneumacon.

– Occasionally, equipment needs maintenance, but that’s to be expected. Pneumacon has handled these situations well. We have been able to borrow devices from them when we need them. Everything is fluent, and I see their company in a very positive light.
Rauman also appreciates Pneumacon’s commitment to regular communication, even when there are no issues to deal with.

– Pneumacon has a local contact person in Oulu. They visit our spaces regulary, finding out about the situation and showcasing new solutions that we might find useful. They are very proactive.

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