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Screwdriving automation influenced Nokia’s product development

This article is part of a three-part description of Nokia’s experience with screwdriving automation solutions provided by Pneumacon. Read about the assembly of screwdriwing technology here and about the effects on Nokia’s product development work here.

This series of articles sheds light on the effects and benefits that Nokia’s Rusko factory’s new automated assembly line has brought for the company. Ville Rauman, the specialist responsible for maintenance and development of Nokia’s automated assembly line, answered our burning questions on how Nokia has benefited from Pneumacon’s screwdriving automation solution.

Consistency, traceability and reliability

“Automating screwdriving has brought us many benefits. When you use electronically process controlled screwdrivers, each screw is checked and leaves a trace in the system. This means that any errors are traceable, whether there is a problem with the screw, the screwdriving, or even the threading of a single mechanical part,” Rauman explains.

“This has been especially useful in cases where we have had batches of parts with faulty threading. We have been able to verify the situation on the basis of the data collected and then use this information to justify our claims to the supplier regarding the faulty batch. On the other hand, it has also helped our suppliers to detect problems and solve them. Deprag’s software and the precise process control it enables has really improved quality across the whole production chain.”

“We have managed with so little that the reliability of Deprag’s products really seems to be top class. More than 10 million screws without any problems. That’s where the counting ends.”

Almost too easy to be true

Rauman feels that Deprag has lived up to Nokia’s expectations of high quality.

“I would say that the reliability has been first class. More than 10 million screws have been inserted correctly without a problem in sight. I think we just stopped counting after that,” Rauman says with a smile.

“The screwdriver bits we received have also proven to be of excellent quality. The smart screwdrivers function very smoothly, which means that the bits also last for a long time. We are very satisfied with this aspect of the project, as well.”

Download guide about benefits of screwdriving technology

Screwdriving technology offers several different options for facilitating and speeding up the work as well as improving quality.

Active support from Pneumacon after delivery

“We have also been very pleased with our partnership with Pneumacon. They have actively offered us after-sales options, and we have been working together closely even after the new systems were delivered. For example, they have kept us well up to date on new product releases and Deprag’s product development, which in turn helps us to further develop our process,” Rauman says.

This article is one of the three parts in our series on Nokia’s experiences with process automation. You can find the other two parts here:

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Screwdriving automation influenced Nokia’s product development

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