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WOB-L Piston Pumps

WOB-L piston pumps work to reduce a volume by a fixed crank-driven piston within a cylinder.

Features & Benefits

Compact, reciprocating design for vacuum or pressure
Oil-less, non-lube piston and cylinder
Lightweight die-cast aluminum components or highly wear-resistant plastic
Single stage and multistage models
Balanced for low vibration operation
All wetted aluminum parts treated for corrosion protection from moisture
Long-life, high performance piston seal
Permanently lubricated bearings
Flow rates up to 7.1 cfm (200 l/min), pressure to 160 psi (11 bar), vacuum down to 29.1 in.Hg (-990 mbar)

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Technical data:

ModelMax. vacuumFlow l/minMax. pressure, barPower, kW/V
135ADC56/12 ¹)67,0012 V DC
135ADC56/24 ¹)67,0024 V DC
319CDC56/12 ¹)198,000,20/12 V DC
319CDC56/24 ¹)198,000,20/24 V DC
688CGHI4487 %137,000,25/220 V
TA4101DC12 ²)337,000,27/12 V DC
TA4101DC24 ²)337,000,27/24 V DC
TA5102E-12VDC507,000,38/12 V DC
TA5102E-24VDC507,000,38/12 V DC

Flow is declared at 5 bar counter pressure.


1. vehicle compressor for periodic use

2. vehicle compressor also for continuous use