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The V-RAD SELECT electric series is the latest innovation of RAD electric torque wrenches used for the installation or removal of heavy duty fasteners where accuracy, power, and high safety standards are required. The V-RAD SELECT shares the same two simple buttons with the B-RAD SELECT to increase or decrease the torque by 10 Nm.


V-RAD SELECT Electric Series

  • Easy “SELECT” torque setting
  • Clear display
  • Durable DX design gearbox
  • Clear Pass/Fail indication.
  • Equal power in forward and reverse
  • Convenience and cost effective use of same tool for break away and final torque
  • Advanced ultra-durable electric motor design
  • Extreme duty design to reduce maintenance cost and increase reliability
  • Extremely low noise level – only 80 dB.



All V-RAD SELECT tools include:

  • Reaction arm and retaining ring
  • Weatherproof storage case
  • User manual
  • Calibration certificate

More tools are featured in tool catalog.

Technical data:

Model Square drive Torque range RPM
V-RAD SELECT 1400 ¾” 140–1400 Nm 8
V-RAD SELECT 2000 1″ 200–2000 Nm 5
V-RAD SELECT 4000 1″ 400–4000 Nm 3





Model Weight A B C D
V-RAD SELECT 1400 4,0 kg 280 mm 63 mm 63 mm 203 mm
V-RAD SELECT 2000 4,3 kg 280 mm 69 mm 69 mm 203 mm
V-RAD SELECT 4000 6,2 kg 310 mm 81 mm 81 mm 203 mm