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UHP Hydraulic hose reels

  • Complete and safety tested assembly
  • Unique swivel for ultra high-pressure hydraulics
  • Safe and slowed down spring retraction
  • Robust and durable steel design
  • Multiple installation options

Hydraulic hose reels for ultra high-pressure hydraulics. This is a configurable product where the customer can pick between several hose types and have it mounted conveniently on a hose reel with a built in stainless steel swivel. The hose can be specified online to meet the application requirements, otherwise contact the local CEJN office for support.

Complete and safety tested high-pressure hydraulic hose reels

The high-pressure hydraulic hose reels are assembled and ready to use for quick deployment, mobilization and demobilization of pressure lines. The hose reels are available for hydraulic applications with a wide assortment of hose options for a maximum working pressure up to 180 MPa and hose lengths up to 40 m.

The hose reel features a durable steel design to safely store the hose while not in use to keep the workplace organized and safe.

Unwind the hose and get started

With a 150 MPa super flexible hose, a length of 41 meters can be reeled on. This gives maximum reach for testing applications as well as remote hydraulic control situations. The robust powdered painted sheet steel construction hose reel together with the stainless steel swivel gives unparallel corrosion resistance.

Flexible installation options

The UHP hose reel offers several mounting options and can also be installed vertically to free up space and to avoid tripping accidents. The guide arm can easily be adjusted to wall, ceiling, or floor mounting positions. The feeder hose connects through the swivel at a 90-degree angle to save space and make it possible to install multiple reels next to each other.

Development and testing

The hose reel and hoses come from well-proven product ranges. The stainless steel swivel is a new innovation now available to the market. It was simulated and tested to breaking point, using CAD models, FME (Finite Element Method) and fluid calculations. Prototypes have been pulsed to failure* wear resistance testing has also shown the swivel will give many years of service, outliving the life span of the hose kits several times over.

*Pulse testing at 180 MPa gives 44,000 pulses and 90% reliability and 95% probability.


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Technical data:

Technical data

Connection 9/16” HP female
Thread Standard 1 1/8” -12 UNF thread
Seal 60° sealing cone
Swivel life span 44000 pulses @ 180 MPa
Part no Max lenght of hose
(low tension)
Max lenght of hose
(high tension)
Max working
Nominal flow diameter
199510081 35 m 115 70.0 MPa 10 mm
199510601 30 m 36 m 115 70.0 MPa 6 mm
199510701 40 m 115 70.0 MPa 6 mm
199510705 43 m 115 70.0 MPa 6 mm
199510721 30 m 35 m 115 72.0 MPa 6 mm
199511001 27 m 36 m 115 100.0 MPa 6 mm
199511141 42 m 116 110.0 MPa 6 mm
199511161 30 m 38 m 116* 110.0 MPa 6 mm
199511511 41 m 116* 150.0 MPa 5 mm
199511801 30 m 125 180.0 MPa 5 mm