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Straight Grinders, 700W

The stationary grinders with robust steel housing are used with grinding tips, carbide cutters or flap discs in machine buildings , foundries and in small areas of precision mechanics., polishing of welding seems or fabricating of casted parts.

Grinders were specially developed for the stationary grinding or for assembly with anohter equipment into the industry enviroment- even when used in continued operations.


Deprag Grinders 700W PDF

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Technical data:


TypePower, WSpeed, min-1Collet, mmWeight, kgMax. Ø of grinding tip., mmMax. Ø of grinding insert., mm
With Lever valve
GDS070-070SXI7007 00061,23516
GDS070-230SXI70023 00061,23516
GDS070-120BXI70012 00061,55016
GDS070-153BXI70015 30061,53516
GDS070-230BXI70023 00061,73516
GDS070-153VXI70015 30061,516
GDS070-230VXI70023 00061,53516
GDS070-153WXI70015 30062,13516
GDS070-153W1XI70015 30062,63516
GDS070-153W2XI70015 30063,116