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Straight Grinders, 1kW

This stationary air grinder is used with grinding tips, carbide cutters or flap disks. The robust steel housing assures a high repeatability and operating safety. Additionally, the grinding spindle incorporates a highly accurate collet (available for many different shaft-diameters) and those collets guarantee the extreme high run-out accuracy of this tool.

Application examples: Fabricating of plastics, fabricating of materials in foundries, tool- and die making, deburring, for example in the precision manufacturing, polishing of welding seems

DEPRAG Grinder 1kW PDF

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Technical data:

Type Power, W Speed, min-1 Collet, mm Weight, kg Max. Ø of grinding insert., mm NB!
GDS 100-153 BXI 1,0 15 300 6 1,75 16 Lever Valve
GDS 100-153 SXI 1,0 15 300 6 1,0 16 Lever Valve
GDS 100-153 VXI 1,0 15 300 6 0,4 16 Lever Valve
GDS 100-153 WXI 1,0 15 300 6 2,4 50 Extension Design