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Straight Braided Anti-Spark PUR Hose

  • Spark and scorch resistant
  • Excellent resistance to oils, solvents, and other non-aqueous solutions
  • Long service life with outstanding aging qualities


CEJN anti-spark hose is resistant to scorching and damage due to exposure to sparks that are present in welding environments or where cutting equipment is in use. The hose offers outstanding aging qualities and long duty. It is light and flexible and has high impact strength, as well as high tensile and tear strength. The hose easily springs back to its original form. The first layer of the hose consists of ester-based polyurethane, the second of polyester fiber braiding and the third of ester-based polyurethane.

Technical data

Hose material: Ester-based polyurethane reinforced with polyester fiber

Bending radius: 35.2 mm (8×12 mm hose), 48 mm (9.5×13.5mm hose); 60 mm (11×16 mm hose)

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Technical data:

ID x ODTotal lengthPart No.Max working pressureBurst pressure
8 x 12 мм5019 958 123014 bar (203 PSI)56 bar (812 PSI)
9,5 x 13,5 мм5019 958 133012 bar (174 PSI)48 bar (696 PSI)
11 x 16 мм5019 958 163712 bar (174 PSI)48 bar (696 PSI)