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Series 787 ultraFLOW, DN20 Aluminium

  • Unequalled low pressure drop
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Colour coding option to eliminate cross connection
  • Universal connections for total flexibility


The CEJN Series 787 ultraFLOW is especially suitable for the cooling systems in power electronics; transportation, industry, renewable energy but also in broadcasting and microelectronics such as data server cabinets with liquid cooled read door heat exchanger (RDHX) or for the manifold supply lines to direct liquid cooled server blades. This two-hand operated, lightweight, hard-coated, high strength aluminium connector has been provided with the best possible characteristics for applications where leaks are not an option! ultraFLOW’s smart design minimizes flow restrictions and provides a long-lasting connection, with non-leak performance during disconnection. It is resistant to vibrations and mechanical stresses, which is required in the railway traction sector. To give you maximum hardware output and low running costs, the ultraFLOW has an extreme high flow capacity meaning an unequalled low pressure drop to minimize system pressure required and, thus, reducing your Total Cost of Ownership.


Applications: High-performance computing (HPC) racks/switch blades, chassis manifolds, cold plate, rack CDU manifolds, GPU cards LED equipment, fuel cells, graphic cards, theatre projectors, medical imaging equipment, IGBTs, power converters, power inverters, rectifiers, Li-Ion batteries capacitors. Are you looking for a different size or sealing or body material? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll put our R&D department at your disposal, other sizes are under development.

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Technical data:

Couplings (Sockets)Part No.ConnectionSealABCD
Female thread10 787 1223G 1″ (BSP)EPDM116.154.046
10 787 1224G 1 1/4″ (BSP)EPDM126.155.050
10 787 1233G 1″ (BSP)FVMQ116.154.046
10 787 1234G 1 1/4″ (BSP)FVMQ126.155.050
Male thread10 787 1273G 1″ (BSP)EPDM135.154.019.046
10 787 1274G 1 1/4″ (BSP)EPDM135.155.020.050
10 787 1283G 1″ (BSP)FVMQ135.154.019.046
10 787 1284G 1 1/4″ (BSP)FVMQ135.155.020.050
Nipples (Plugs)Part No.ConnectionSealABCD
Female thread10 787 6223G 1″ (BSP)EPDM105.045.041
10 787 6224G 1 1/4″ (BSP)EPDM107.555.050
10 787 6233G 1″ (BSP)FVMQ105.045.041
10 787 6234G 1 1/4″ (BSP)FVMQ107.555.050
Male thread10 787 6273G 1″ (BSP)EPDM105.050.019.046
10 787 6274G 1 1/4″ (BSP)EPDM105.055.020.050
10 787 6283G 1″ (BSP)FVMQ105.050.019.046
10 787 6284G 1 1/4″ (BSP)FVMQ105.055.020.050
AccessoriesPart No.ConnectionSeal    
Washer/ O-ring10 787 4283G 1″ (BSP)FVMQ
10 787 4284G 1 1/4″ (BSP)FVMQ
10 787 4273G 1″ (BSP)EPDM
10 787 4274G 1 1/4″ (BSP)EPDM