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Series 165, DN5 Steel

  • Flat-Face design
  • One-hand operated
  • Extra security locking


CEJN Series 165 is a Flat-Face quick-connect coupling for low- and medium-pressure hydraulic applications. The Flat-Face design minimizes spillage during connection and disconnection. Series 165 couplings require only one hand for operation, making connection and disconnection fast and easy. Series 165 couplings feature manual security locking as added protection against involuntary disconnection.


The couplings and nipples are also available in five other sizes; DN 6.3 (Series 265), DN 10 (Series 365), DN 12.5 (Series 565), DN 16 (Series 665), DN 19 (Series 765).

Technical data

Temperature range: -30°C — +100°C (-22°F — +212°F)

Material coupling: Steel (zinc passivation)

Material nipple: Hardened steel (zinc passivation)

Material seal: Nitrile (NBR/PUR, other sealing materials on request)

Connectability: Only limited by operator strength

Disconnection under pressure: Not allowed

Max. working pressure connected: 720 bar (10442 PSI)

Max. working pressure disconnected: 720 bar (10442 PSI)

Min. burst pressure connected: 1400 bar (20305 PSI)

Min. burst pressure disconnected: 1400 bar (20305 PSI)

Flow: 8 l/min

Rated flow is measured at 4 bar pressure drop.

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Technical data:

CouplingsPart No.ConnectionLengthDiameterHexagonSeal
Female thread10 165 1201G 1/8″ (BSP)472219NBR
NipplesPart No.ConnectionLengthDiameterHexagonSeal
Female thread10 165 6201G 1/8″ (BSP)36.319.317NBR