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Series 116, 150 MPa

Robust and compact non-drip quick couplings for ultra high-pressure hydraulic applications


  • Quick-action safety lock eliminates any risk of accidental disconnection
  • Compact design with small outer dimensions
  • Non-drip on connection and disconnection
  • Dust caps included as standard


The 116 series of hydraulic quick connect couplings for ultra high pressure are easy to handle, safe and reliable. The quick couplers are available in both standard and flat-face designs. Series 116 are non-drip couplings with clean connection and disconnection protecting both the environment and circuit integrity. The safety lock comes as standard and it adds an extra layer of safety by eliminating any risks of accidental disconnections. The high performance and robust design with small outer dimensions, makes it a suitable option in many different applications. Additionally, a 90° swivel connection is available for use in confined areas. The couplings and nipples are available in stainless steel for use in corrosive environments. Plastic dust caps come as standard for both the couplings and nipples. These extend the lifetime of couplings, nipples and the entire hydraulic system. Aluminium dust caps are also available upon request.


Applications: Hydraulic bolt tensioning, Test benches, Cylinders, Bearing pullers

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Technical data:

Couplings with safety lockPart No.RemarkConnectionLengthDiameterHexagonRec. torque (Nm)Rec. seal. method
Female thread10 116 1202G 1/4”61.3282440-50CMS*
10 116 14021/4” NPT60.4282450-60
10 116 1201G 1/860.4282440-50T1*
Female thread with angled connection10 116 125090° swivelG 1/4”68.8282240-50CMS*
10 116 123090°G 1/4”74.8352850-60T4*
Nipples without valvePart No.RemarkConnectionLengthDiameterHexagonRec. torque (Nm)Rec. seal. method
Male thread10 116 5252G 1/4”40.525.42280-90W*
NipplesPart No.RemarkConnectionLengthDiameterHexagonRec. torque (Nm)Rec. seal. method
Female thread10 116 6201G 1/833.319.21740-50T1*
10 116 6202G 1/4”3825.42240-50CMS*
10 116 64021/4” NPT35.724.72230-40
10 116 6241Stainless steel valve, chemical nickel plated steel bodyG 1/4”3825.42240-50CMS*
AdaptersPart No.RemarkConnectionLengthDiameterHexagonRec. torque (Nm)Rec. seal. method
Swivel connection19 950 1650Adaptor with integrated swivelG 1/4”4450.52240-50CMS*