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A digital screwdriver
  • flexible
  • economical
  • comfortable
  • accurate and process reliable
  • robust

The updated, more powerful MINIMAT-ED is available in three versions for torques between 0.24 to 4.8 Nm at speeds of 1500 rpm. The speeds can be individually adjusted up to the maximum speed for each screwdriver type. The handheld screwdriver also benefits from a particularly slim design and is comfortably lightweight.

The MINIMAT-ED is recommended for a wide range of applications, particularly for workplaces with varying tightening parameters. There are opportunities for use in controller and control cabinet installations, in reworking stations, in series production or in repair facilities.

Description of functions
There are five screwdriving procedures stored in the screwdriver, each with identical three stage basic structures:
– search run
– screw assembly to torque
– screw assembly/disassembly to angle

The screwdriving levels can be activated or deactivated individually making variations of the screwdriving procedures possible. By setting the parameters of speed, shut-off torque and shut-off angle the screwdriving program can be adapted to each screw assembly. From each screwdriving program you can switch directly to the associated loosening program using the reversal switch. Select the torque mode to set the preferred version of the torque adjustment. This can either be done by switching between the max. five adjustable screwdriving programs or through the quick change of the shut-off torque in screwdriving program 1.

Additional advantages of the new MINIMAT-ED are the ergonomic grip design, the hanger for the balancer and the integrated quick change chuck for simple tool changes.


MINIMAT-ED Screwdriver

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  • Design execution: Straight
  • Torque range: 0.24 – 4.8 Nm

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Technical data: