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Metal Shears


  • High cutting power output

Because of high poewer output of motor and construction of cutting knifes, you can use cutting power output at steel sheet to 1,4 mm and at aluminum sheet to 2,5 mm. High impact is guaranteed quality of cut, when is necessary small sliding force.

  • Highly durable

By means of robust construction of shears and quality used parts is guarateed high lifespan, when even are used in continued operations.

  • Cutting straight- and curved shape

Shears DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL are suited for cutting of straight- and curevd shapes from steel- and non-ferrous sheets. Another advantage is adjustment of knife without use other instruments including gradual adjustment of knife during the cutting,which accelerate work.

  • Ergonomic

Operator has free view on working platform and cutting line for maximum accurate cutting and maximum safety .Ergonomic shape of shears allows cutting with minimum force.


Metal Shears PDF

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