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Linear stand


  • user friendly
  • ergonomic
  • support of the tool weight
  • fast and secure positioning

Linear stand for ergonomic process reliable guidance of your tool, used to support the tool weight and for fast and secure positioning.


Deprag Linear Stand

SmartMotion Linear Stand


Linear stands make the tool feel lighter and takes the strain off the operator. It keeps the tool always in the right position. Linear tools with position control are also available.


More tools are featured in tool catalog.

Technical data:

Part no. Working area max. mm For torque
reaction up to
Max. capacisty, kg

Parallel arm

PA25-0400-0002 800 25 2
PA75-0500-0405 1100 75 5
PS25-0750-0205 800 25 2,5
PS75-1000-0405 1000 75 5
Wall-mount/foot and screwdriver adapter is not included.
Linear stands 408010A 600 25
408010B 770 50
408010C 770 150
Balancer and screwdriver adapter are not included.
Telescope holder 408351A 430-925 15
Wall installation is included.


Part no. bracket range dia., mm Max. Torque, Nm
Screwdriver adapter ATH-2540-25 25-40 25
ATH-4050-25 40-50 25
ATH-4050-75 40-50 75
ATH-5060-75 50-60 75


Part no. Height, mm Max. Torque, Nm
Table installation TST-0300-25 300 25
TST-0470-25 470 25
TST-0510-75 510 75


Part no. Max. Torque, Nm
Wall installation WBR-25 25
WBR-75-D 75