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“IRB” is a poppet valve quick couplings series interchangeable with international standard ISO 7241-1 “B”, manufactured in carbon steel with zinc plated surface treatment. Based on the worldwide interchangeability, “IRB” is used in a variety of industrial hydraulic applications.
  • The poppet valve with elastomer seal provides maximum sealing of the couplings when disconnected.
  • Shape of internal parts is designed to reduce turbulence and pressure drop.
  • Compact slim design.
  • Simple to use.

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Technical data:

Size 1/4”Max. working pressure 350 barThreadProduct code
CouplingG 1/4”IRB14F
NippleG 1/4”IRB14M


Size 3/8”Max. working pressure 300 barThreadProduct code
CouplingG 3/8”IRB38F
NippleG 3/8”IRB38M


Size 1/2”Max. working pressure 280 barThreadProduct code
CouplingG 1/2”IRB12F
NippleG 1/2”IRB12M


Size  3/4”Max. working pressure 230 barThreadProduct code
CouplingG 3/4”IRB34F
NippleG 3/4”IRB34M


Size 1”Max. working pressure 180 barThreadProduct code
CouplingG 1”RB100F
NippleG 1”IRB100M