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Hose 400 MPa, DN 5

The 400 MPa hose is for applications operating at extremely high pressures that requires maximum safety. This unique hose goes past where conventional products stop, working flawlessly at 400MPa, making it a real ‘stand-out’ product on the market. Its extreme working pressure is due to the eight spiralized layers of maximum strength tensile steel wire with a polyoxymethylene (POM) inner and the polymide cover. In hydraulic systems, its low volumetric expansion provides fast response time while the smooth inner bores gives a minimized pressure drop. The highly kink-resistant steel-reinforced construction, abrasion-resistant covers together with a superior chemical resistance gives a hose with long-lasting service life, even in the most demanding hydraulic applications. Applications: Wind power installations, transport (removing steel wheels from axles on train locomotives and rollingstock), mining (rock-face cracking), ultra high-pressure testing equipment.

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Technical data:

Hose Part No. Description
19 951 4001 Red
End connections Part No. Description
19 951 4030 9/16″- 18 UNF female swivel
19 951 4031 1/4″ – 28 UNF Left hand
19 951 4032 M16 x 1,5 male
19 951 4033 9/16″ – 18 UNF Left hand
19 951 4034 3/8″ – 24 UNF Left hand
Accessories Part No. Description
19 951 1882 Firesleeve Protection hose
19 951 1883 Protection hose PVC DN20
19 951 0008 CIS programable NFC tag