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Hose 150 MPa, DN 5

The CEJN High-Pressure hose is a spiralized steel reinforced polymer hose that picks up where conventional product capabilities stop. It gives you ultra-high working pressure with maintained flexibility through entire life. Its low volumetric expansion gives fast response time in hydraulic systems while the smooth inner bores provide a minimized pressure drop. A long-lasting service time and extended hose life in even the toughest applications is a result of the kink-resistant steel-reinforced construction, abrasion-resistant covers and a superior chemical resistance. The small outside diameter makes the hose ideal for tight routing.

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Technical data:

Hose Part No. Description
19 951 1511 Blue
End connections Part No. Description
19 951 1542 G 1/4″ male with 120° ext. sealing cone (CMS)
19 951 1543 Sealing head (60°) + G 1/4″ female swivel nut
Accessories Part No. Description
19 951 1580 Protection hose PVC
19 951 1882 Firesleeve Protection hose
19 951 0008 CIS programable NFC tag