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“GR” is the manual multicouplings series that offer a wide range of solutions for any application requiring connection and disconnection of several hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic lines.

Up to ten lines can be simultaneously connected and disconnected by a safe, simple and quick movement requiring low effort. The lines can all have the same size or each line can be different from the others according to the application.

  • Quick connection and disconnection of up to ten hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic lines without any risk to incorrect connection of the lines.
  • Flat face couplings: Easy to clean avoiding contamination of circuit. No fluid loss to the environment.
  • Couplings mounted on the plates with threaded sleeves or seeger/snap rings for easy installation or replacement.
  • Using FAP couplings with triple valve system, it is possible connect and disconnect with high residual pressure in the circuit.
  • Singles female couplings can be connected manually to the male couplings on the fixed half. This can be very useful for the connection of auxiliary lines that are not fitted in the mobile half.
  • Possibility to fit electrical connector for electronic control system on the equipment.
  • Mechanical connection by internal cams and locking pins eliminates brinelling effect on the couplings.
  • Safety lock on handle allows a single hand operation.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy to install also on pre-existent system. Safe and simple to use.

More tools are featured in tool catalog.

Technical data:

Product code Coupling size Thread size BSP
GRK3-13ZF Multi coupling ²) 2×1″ + 3/8″ 1″ / 3/8″
GRK3-13ZF Mobile ²) 2×1″ + 3/8″ 1″ / 3/8″
GRN6-9FM Multi coupling ¹) 6 x 3/8″ L15
GRN6-9FM Mobile ¹) 6 x 3/8″ L15
GR6-9ZN Multi coupling 6 x 3/8″ 3/8″
GR6-9ZN Mobile 6 x 3/8″ 3/8″
GR6-13ZN Multi coupling 6 x 1/2″ 1/2″
GR6-13ZN Mobile 6 x 1/2″ 1/2″
GRU-6ZN Multi coupling ²) 1 x 3/8″

2 x 1/2″

1 x 3/4″

1 x 1″

1 x electric




1 1/4″

GRU-6ZN Mobile ²)

¹) Specially for trailers

²) Spesially for timber trucks