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SCHMIDT ® ElectricPress
A new Approach to Assembly Technology

  • Extremely Energy Efficient
  • Integration Friendly
  • Drive Profile Repeatability
  • All-electric

To use electric drives instead of pneumatic or hydropneumatic driven cylinders, is a modern advancement in assembly technology. SCHMIDT Technology combined its proven rugged mechanics with the latest electric drive technology to create assembly presses for industrial production applications. The high effi ciency of electric drives may not be the only reason to choose them. The individual process, the infrastructure and the quality of the compressed air should also have a bearing on that decision.

The key advantages of the SCHMIDT® ElectricPress:

  • Easy programming of parameters reduces set-up time
  • Stored press ram motion profi les allow for quick changeover
  • Enhanced fl exibility
  • Reduced tooling costs and wear due to precise positioning
  • Low noise level reduces operator fatigue and stress

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Technical data: