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DLC, DN3 Stainless steel

  • Spill-free connection and disconnection
  • Self-aligning feature
  • Connection under full working pressure
  • Stainless steel version


CEJN DLC (Direct Liquid Cooling) is a blind mate product designed for demanding liquid-cooled electronic applications. Applications where minimal air intrusion and spill-free connections and disconnections are required. The DLC series has a unique design that guarantees a tight joint, protecting the seal from damage during connection and disconnection under pressure. A self-aligning feature enable blind connections, and to ensure maximum durability and corrosion-resistant performance both couplings and nipples are made of Stainless Steel. Standard sealing is a specially developed Nitrile Rubber (NBR) that withstand working temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to +80°C (+176°F). Other sealing materials such as EPDM are also available.


Applications: Thermal control of data centres, power electronics, broadcasting transmitters, medical imaging, hybrid/electric industrial vehicles, renewable energy solutions and all other electronic equipment using DLC technology.

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Technical data:

CouplingsPart No.ConnectionABDEFG
10 150 1540M11 x 129.11518.8NBR
10 150 1544M11 x 129.11518.8EPDM
NipplesPart No.ConnectionABDEFG
10 150 6540M11 x 129.81519.5NBR
10 150 6544M11 x 129.81519.5EPDM