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CEJN Snap-Check accessories

Available as Snap-Check accessories: a protective rubber cover that fits all Snap-Check Gauges, screw-on metal dust caps with wire straps that fit all standard nipples, copper seals to ensure leak-free gauge connections, rubber/metal seals for parallel male threaded nipples, and a durable carrying case

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Technical data:

Seals Part No. Connection Description
Tredo 19 950 0061 G 1/8” Bonded seal 1/8” parallel male thread (tredo/dowty) for 199511531
19 950 0062 G 1/4” Bonded seal 1/4″ parallel male thread (tredo/dowty) for 199510730
19 950 0064 G 3/8” Bonded seal 3/8″ parallel male thread (tredo/dowty) for 199510742
Copper seal Part No. Connection Description
19 356 0210 Copper seal ensures leak-free gauge connections
Protective rubber cover Part No. Connection Description
19 942 2500 Black rubber cover, fits all gauges
Case Part No. Connection Description
19 356 0292 Carrying case without components. Measurements 375 x 270 mm.