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Angle-head Drills

Our line of drills (angle-head design) is designed for the optimum drilling of different materials – for the construction in the ship building-, aviation and automotive industry, as well as the machine building industry.

Advantages of our Angle Drills

  • Ergonomic

A decade-long concentration on ergonomic design and development with air-drills, lays the foundation for quality, precision and the ergonomic grips of the DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL pistolgrip drills. The low vibration and low noise level assure that the tool will always operate at its highest level of performance.

  • Optimum power-to-weight ratio

Despite their small dimensions, our drills incorporate a powerful motor that guarantees a maximum drilling power. Each drill features the lowest possible weight and has an excellent balance. The innovative motor design in connection with the efficient gearbox allows an optimum power-to-weight ratio and allows for a maximum material penetration.

  • Simple operation

Simple to operate no matter how difficult an applications. A simple and fast exchange of the drill bit is possible because of the keyless drill-chuck.

  • Various angle-heads

We offer various angle-heads – 90°, 120°, 150°.

  • Collets, Chucks, MORSE Tapers

The drill series offers a modular design – drills with collets, chucks or with MORSE tapers.

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