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Angle grinders

Our robust angle grinders DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL are used in connection with grinding wheels for the grinding and deburring of welding seams, steel-, metallic- and non–metallic materials and different sorts of rocks.

DEPRAG CZ a.s. offer clasic air angle grinders under the brand name DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL for almost any application case. High–quality and high powerful angle grinders of DEPRAG are suited in machine-building, foundries, reinforced concrete constructions building, container building, steel–construction building, etc.

Advantages of our Angle Grinders

  • High power

Our air angle grinders DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL are high-powerful at minimized size and weight, and max power. You can achieve max power because of modern materials and because of precision product technologies. DEPRAG offers high-quality tools for grinding and general surface treatments.

  • High power – Turbine Grinders

Grinder with turbine motor achieves double power and half weight in comparison with convenctional grinders vane. Therefore making same work takes less time.

  • Ergonomic

Perfect handling by means of an anti-vibration side handle and ergonomic shape (easy manipulation), low noise level.

  • Efficiency

Profesional angle grinders DEPRAG are equipped with speed regulator, which keeps the speed of the tool constant, even if tool is operated at maximum load. This allows the maximum speed potential to be used for any given application (optimum grinding speed). What is more , because of speed regulator falls air consumption. Regulator achieves optimum speed – high lifespan even in continued operations.

  • Oil-free maintenance – Turbine Grinders

Greatest advantage of turbine grinders except higher power output, is operating without lubrication compressed air.

  • Large assortment of grinders

DEPRAG CZ a.s. offers angle grinders for grinding wheel with diameter of 100 mm to 230 mm at power range from 500 W to 4,5 kW. In our sortiment DEPRAG you can find vertical angle grinders without gearing , which you can use for grinding and cutting of open spaces, also angle grinders with gearing,which are perfect in hard to reach areas (low angle head).


Angle Grinders PDF

Air Turbine Grinders – Angle PDF

More tools are featured in tool catalog.

Technical data:

Type Power, kW Speed, 1/min I.D. of air inlet hose, mm Weight, kg I.D. and O.D. of grinding wheel, mm Thickness of grinding wheel, mm Thickness of cutting-off wheel, mm Spindle thread
GA810-050BX 1 15 300 10 1,3 100/16 6 30
GA811-100BX 1 13 200 13 2,4 115/22,2 6 29 M14
GA812-100BX 1 12 200 13 2,4 125/22,2 6 34 M14
GA812-190BX 2 11 900 16 3 125/22,23 6 30,5 M14
GA815-190BX 2 9 850 16 3,1 150/22,23 6 43 M14
GA818-190BX 2 8 350 16 4,4 180/22,23 8 58 M14
GA823-190BX 2 6 650 16 3,6 230/22,23 8 83 M14
GA818-230BX 2 8 400 16 4,4 180/22,2 10 55 M14
GA823-230BX 2 6 600 16 4,6 230/22,2 10 80 M14