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Screw It – 5 Good Reasons to Go Automatic

Whatever the industry, whether electronics or medical technology, screwdriving is usually a simple work stage that can be easily automated. Below, we have listed five key production benefits introduced by automatic screwdriving.

1. Automatic screwdriving saves time

The clearest benefit of automatic screwdriving is the time saved. Automation halves the time spent on screwdriving. In an optimal scenario, the time saving can be up to 70% compared to picking up a screw and tightening it manually. For one person, it can mean several saved working hours per working day.

2. Saving time also saves costs

Most importantly, the time saved by automatic screwdriving translates into lower production costs. In highly competitive sectors, even a minor saving is significant. It can mean being able to keep product prices lower and is evident in a welcome boost to the bottom line, thanks to more efficient production.

3. Screwdriving is a monotonous task

A production employee might have to tighten hundreds of screws in a row. In the long run, it can be mind-numbing work. Automation helps to make the work performed by humans more varied and challenging, with the emphasis shifting from repetitive routine tasks to more of a collaboration with machines.

Download guide about benefits of screwdriving technology

Screwdriving technology offers several different options for facilitating and speeding up the work as well as improving quality.

4. Work ergonomics is worth investing in

In the long run, repeating the same movement over and over again is not good for your body. Screwdriving can create issues especially in the hand, arm and shoulder regions, which are put under considerable strain by the circular motions and awkward working positions characteristic of the work. Automatic screwdriving is an investment in ergonomics that benefits the employer and the employees alike: it improves well-being at work and, in all likelihood, creates further savings due to reduced sick leave costs.

5. Automation ensures uniform quality

The quality of automatic screwdriving is always more uniform compared to manual screwdriving. Even the most meticulous of employees makes more mistakes than a machine. Once the optimal torque and tolerance for the material have been set, the automatic screwdriver will tighten each screw exactly correctly. That way, all manufactured products are saleable, and the number of complaints stays lower.

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