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Safety First – Explore Our Range of CEJN’s Safe Pneumatic Products

Safety should always be at the forefront of working with compressed air. CEJN has seriously bought into this philosophy: all of CEJN’s pneumatic coupling development work is geared towards improving safety, without compromising on performance.

Bring Pneumatic Hoses Under Control with CEJN’s Pneumatic Hose Safety Reels

The safety reel is one of CEJN’s innovations aimed at improving the safety of using pneumatic tools. Thanks to the reel, compressed air hoses are not left lying on the floor, causing a tripping hazard. The properties of the safety reel also prevent other accidents.

The safety reel includes a slow, controlled retraction feature, which stops the end of the compressed air hose from hitting people or items. The retraction mechanism includes a soft stop-ball, which in and of itself is one of the safety features. Should anyone step on the stop-ball of a hose lying on the floor, they are less likely to slip or trip on a soft ball than on a hard ball. The spring mechanism of the reel is very robust.

CEJN’s compressed air hose safety reel including the slow retraction feature.

CEJN’s compressed air hose safety reel including the slow retraction feature.

Another important safety factor is usability. When compressed air and hose reels are easy to use, it makes work easier and reduces the risk of accidents. CEJN’s compressed air hose safety reels turn 180°, which makes working easier. The reel’s sturdy casing protects both the hose and the spring mechanism from dirt, extending the operational life of the reel. Thanks to its design, the safety reel is also quick and easy to fix to a wall using the handy quick lock system. And, if necessary, the hose is easy to replace.

Reeling is also an important factor for high-quality compressed air hoses. CEJN’s durable braided polyurethane hose does not twist during reeling, and it quickly retains its shape. CEJN’s compressed air hoses are light, extremely flexible and durable, with a long service life. The reels also come in bright Hi-Vis colours.

Besides safety, CEJN has invested in the performance of its compressed air hose reels, which is far superior compared to normal compressed air hose reels thanks to the improved joint structure. Watch a video on the topic here »

Safety Quick Couplings Are Convenient to Use and Improve Safety

CEJNin Automaattisella turvalukituksella varustettut Cejn-paineilmaliittimet

CEJN’s pneumatic couplings with CEJN’s automatic safety lock

Couplings have always been CEJN’s main products, and the latest achievement of the long-term development work is the eSafe quick coupling. Connectable with one hand and comfortable to hold thanks to its compact size, eSafe is extremely easy to use. The eSafe quick coupling removes pressure from the hose prior to disconnecting, so disconnecting the hose is quiet and recoil-free. This eliminates the accident risks arising from disconnecting the coupling.

It goes without saying that the quality and reliability of the eSafe couplings also help to make working smoother. Tremendously durable with a good flow rate and minimal pressure loss, the couplings have a service life of several years.

In addition, CEJN’s product range includes coupling models equipped with an automatic safety lock. The safety lock stops the coupling from accidentally opening during use. These couplings can also be connected one-handed. However, disconnecting them requires two hands. This is on purpose due to the safety lock.

Safe Blowguns Do Not Cause Risks

CEJN-paineilmapistooli Star-Tip-kärjellä laskee työpisteen melutasoa.

A CEJN blowgun with Star-Tip reduces noise levels at the workstation.

Using a blowgun may involve risks, for example, if the end of the tube is blocked against skin, making the pressure discharge more forceful than intended. CEJN’s solution to the problem is a blowgun equipped with a safety valve. If the end of the tube is blocked and the pressure rises over 2 bar (30 PSI), the safety valve will close off the air flow.

Noise is also a safety risk at workstations. CEJN’s blowgun with Star-Tip reduces the risk by reducing the noise level to 85 dB(a) or less. The shape of the tip prevents the exhaust hole from getting blocked, avoiding the risk of blocking associated with the use of standard tips.

Is There Room for Improvement in the Safety and Usability of Your Pneumatic Products?

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