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Programmable Screwdrivers Bring Added Power to the Production Process

When the screwdriving requirements are strict, the same work stage includes several screws tightened in different ways and there is no room for error, a programmable electric screwdriver equipped with the right accessories is an excellent solution.

Deprag’s programmable screwdrivers are ergonomic, quiet and efficient.

A Smart Screwdriver Guarantees Even Screwdriving Quality

Combining an electric screwdriver with logical control speeds up many types of screwdriving jobs and ensures a consistent quality of work. You can enter all possible screwdriving parameters in Deprag’s programmable screwdrivers, from speed and angle to torque and so on.

With logical control, you can set the device, for example, to guide the operator through a multi-stage screwdriving process that requires precision, enabling screws of different sizes and requiring different torques to be fixed in the right places in the exactly right order.

At its best, there is no need to pay attention to the smart function of the device as the background processes are running without the operator’s interference, ensuring that screwdriving and other assembly stages cannot be performed incorrectly.

For the sake of quality assurance, it is equally important to store all data. Therefore, you can save the tasks, the way they were performed and their order on the device.

An Efficient, Flexible, Repeatable Screwdriving Process

A programmable electric screwdriver is a good choice when full-scale screwdriving automation does not fit your budget or workspace. An electric screwdriver works nearly anywhere and, thanks to its flexibility, it is also well-suited to manufacturing smaller product lines.

When all screwdriving sequence data is stored, you can quickly restore it even if the manufactured product changes, making the operation extremely flexible.

Deprag’s screwdrivers, screwdriving management systems and software make it possible to collect data from several screwdrivers and their processes as well as to share data centrally, for example, for product development or quality assurance purposes.

One of the indisputable benefits of a logic-controlled assembly is that you do not have to learn everything separately because the logic itself guides the operator. At the same time, the processes are more efficient because you can carry out several different screwdriving tasks with one screwdriver.

Part of the added value introduced by electric smart screwdriving is the repeatability of the process which, for customers, is a guarantee of quality.

Deprag’s handy logical control guides the operator through the screwdriving process.

When Every Connection Is Critical

Programmable electric screwdrivers are used by all types of mechanical assembly industries. However, their reliability, repeatability and accuracy are particularly valued qualities in the electronics industry when screwdriving critical connections with a strong electric current.

The accuracy of the screwdriving process is not simply a question of safety. It is also an essential part of product quality and verifying the flawlessness of work stages.

It is easy to prove that a screwdriving task was performed to perfection when the process data is stored, for example, under a serial number in the customer’s production management system.

Accessories Ensure the Reliability of Screwdriving

When you want to introduce another layer of reliability and security to your electric screwdriving process, one good way is to use Deprag’s position control stand.

The options are a position control stand, which is resting on its stand, and a position control gantry, which is attached over the workstation and moves along its guiding rail system.

The stand/gantry takes the strain off the operator and continuously monitors the screwdriver’s XYZ coordinate location, guiding the screwdriving process so that it is performed in the correct order and only applied to one specific location using a specific program. The reliability and quality of the process are almost comparable with full automation.

In addition to the cost-effective stand/gantry, you can improve the seamlessness and quality of the process with Deprag’s automatic screw feeders that feed the screws directly to the tip of the screwdriver. This normally enables you to at least halve the time spent on screwdriving.

All in all, electric screwdrivers and stands/gantries also improve ergonomics because the torque is not aimed at the operator who is able to work in a more comfortable position. What’s more, electric screwdrivers are remarkably noiseless.

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